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Each media box is independent

Your boxes don't have to be the same, so make any combination that you can think with images, videos, sounds, iframes, text, HTML, etc.

Put anything on the popup

You can load images, Youtube/Vimeo videos, SoundCloud sounds, iframes, HTML, Google maps, Web pages or content via AJAX.

Fully Responsive

The grid will automatically adapt to its container taking care of keeping the right proportions.

Different resolutions

You can define a different grid layout for phones, tablets, desktops and all kind of resolutions.

Powerful filter system

You can make all kind of complicated filters and define your own HTML markup.

Super fast grid system

The plugin is using Isotope v2 which is one of the fastest and powerful grid systems out there, using the best browser features when available.

Overlay Effect

Several overlay effects that are using CSS3 transitions in order to give you the best performance available.

Define the Ratio

You can specify the ratio of the thumbnails and the plugin will cut and center them for you with CSS techniques (only cuts the height, the width remains the same).

Fully Customizable

You can adapt the plugin to your needs, it is very simple to customize it via CSS or JS (if you know it).


You can read the documentation for free here, and feel free to ask any question you may have.

Laatst bijgewerkt op 20 - 10 - 2018